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Sending tips by email without being able to evaluate the situation closely isn't effective. The best approach is the customized approach during one of our consultations. In exceptional situations, consultations by Skype are possible.

If you are unsure which option is best for you, please do not hesitate to contact us! We're happy to help.

Yes! First your vet must rule out a medical cause completely. Even if you are convinced that there is no physical or medical problem, we still recommend it. After all, cats do everything they can to not show themselves sick. One of the ways we can find out that something is going on is by showing problem behavior. A urine and/or blood test may be necessary to be sure that the cat is completely healthy.

You can find tips for a stressless visit to your vet HERE!


For behavioral consultations at home:

  • In cash
  • By bank transfer (before the start of the consultation)
  • There is NO possibility to pay with the bancontact app

For a stay in the cat hotel and cat sitting at home:

  • In cash
  • By bank transfer

Payment must be made within 14 days upon confirmation of the reservation and before the start of the stay in our hotel or the catsitting period.

For services (grooming salon/behavioral therapy) in the center:

  • In cash
  • With Payconiq/bancontact app (You'll scan our QR code).
  • Unfortunately, we do NOT have a bank contact terminal available for payment with your card.

For courses/lectures:

  • By Bank transfer

Do you have any more questions? Please mail us:

Open Google Maps and enter the address of our Chat-o-Gand center (Achterdries 29, 9050 Gentbrugge Belgium). Calculate the most efficient route by car from your home address to the center and multiply the number of kilometers.

The kilometric allowance is calculated on the outward and return journey at € 0,50 / km.

Are you unsure about the distance? Don't hesitate to contact us!


Yes, certainly! Of course your cat may be too insecure to play with strangers. You know your cat best and if your furry friend sometimes has a hard time with strange people at home, that might be the case at the Chat-o-Resort as well.

Active play sessions are probably impossible with this insecure cat. But besides playing, there are many other ways in which we try to minimize the stress level as much as possible! We put extra effort into providing the "Spirit Essences" of Jackson Galaxy (an American cat whisperer with rock 'n roll vibes!).

This is similar to Bach flowers and can support cats. These are drops that you add to water several times a day or diffuse into the environment. It doesn't have side effects and are completely safe to use.

Also, herbs and toys that cats can enjoy alone absolutely add value,  because 'individual playing' is very relaxing!
Hiding treats or using a feeding puzzle are extra things that can keep your cat busy and help to relax without the presence of a cat servant!
It sometimes happens that an insecure cat starts to play because she has been positively triggered by our extensive range of toys and enrichments!
For cats that play little or not at all at home, this is THE time to find out what can trigger your cat. After all, playing is a very important thing for cats to do! Even for the slightly older cats! :-)

Find out more about this formula recommended by cat behavior therapists!

You can consult the general terms and conditions here.

Cats that have less stress in everyday life, are usually easier to treat. Stress builds up when the cat doesn't have any breathing pauses during stressful events. Too much can express itself in unwanted behavior at home, but possibly on the grooming table as well, which can make the treatment more difficult. To deal with stress at home and get tailor-made advice, you can take a look at our options for assistance.

Some basic tips:

  • Don't plan a grooming consultation too close to another stressful event (for example the vet or a vacation). Emergencies are of course always an exception!
  • Make it as comfortable as possible for your cat to travel. Teach your cat to experience traveling as less frightening. More tips about it can be found on this blog and are similar to those for traveling to the vet.
  • Play with your cat just before you have to leave or offer some relaxing herbs such as valerian.
  • Make sure that you are as calm as possible. This is also important while placing the cat in its transportation carrier.
  • Take a blanket with the cat's own scent and hair in the carrier. Bring an extra one for on the grooming table.

For even more information, please read our blog about "Stress prevention during grooming consultations".



You can describe the profession in many ways: "cat therapist", "cat behavior therapist", "cat behaviorist", "cat psychologist" or perhaps the most famous term "cat whisperer".
However, it all comes down to observing the behavior, trying to understand it and trying to adjust to more desirable behavior. Everything is based on the natural behavior of the cat, founded on professional literature.

Please take a look at "Behavioral Therapy for Cats".

Our prices depend on the place where you live and whether a transport cost will be added. The complexity of your questions can have an influence too. You can view the formulas here.