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The importance of behavioral therapy

They are quirky, mysterious, but so amazing! Your cat is the most beloved pet for a reason.

Still, cat owners often have difficulties because their sweetheart shows unwanted behavior and they don't know how to fix it. Spraying, litter box problems, fear, aggression and self-mutilation are just a few examples of common undesirable behavior.

Through behavioral therapy, we discover the root causes and the solutions. We help you to read the cat's mysterious behavior and make sure she can follow her natural instincts in a way that makes you both happy. With this therapy we'll help you to discover what makes your tiger happy (once again)!

Our approach

Living with a cat that shows unwanted behavior can be extremely stressful.
Your cat is part of the family, but persistent problems can ruin the relationship.
We advise and support to boost the well-being of the cat and its owners!

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Customized advice

Depending on the severity and duration of problems, a different approach can be more suitable.
More or less intensive supervision may be desirable or necessary. That's why we offer different types of consultations that work on different levels.

cat expert

Our cat behavior therapists are highly trained and specialized in guiding cats and owners. Problems of domestic cats are tackled with expertise and experience. Cat owners and lovers receive customized advice.


cat head behavioral therapy at home
At the center or another location

Can we help you with basic tips to provide a quick fix? Then you can arrange an appointment in the center for a budget-friendly formula. If the problems are more complex, we will investigate them more closely at your home.


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Would you like to know more about unwanted behavior?
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Ruling out medical causes

Cats are masters at hiding pain and sickness.
They'll instinctively give as few signals as possible that something is wrong. This is a protective mechanism so larger predators do not perceive them as "weak".

Medical problems usually only come to light when a cat has been suffering from pain and discomfort for a longer time. Showing unwanted behavior could be an early sign that something is wrong!

Before you assume that the problem is behavioral,
a thorough examination by the vet is always required. Additional tests such as a urine or blood test may be necessary to ensure your cat is healthy. From the age of 10, a preventive blood test is recommended annually!

Always consult the vet in the context of unwanted behavior before you book a behavioral consultation with a therapist. If medical causes are excluded, the problem is behavioral.

Check our tips "Stressless with your cat to the vet".

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The formulas of Chat-o-Therapie

cat with book behavioral therapy deluxe

Expert consultation Deluxe

€ 489
  • Consultation of approximately 2,5 hours
  • Visit at your house (excl. km fee) or online
  • Extensive analysis of problem behavior
  • Practical information and inspiration
  • Customized plan that you can apply immediately
  • 8 follow-up moments by email during 8 weeks after the consultation
  • Monitoring by a GREAT team
  • Suitable for:
    • Behavioral problems that have been around for some time
    • Common problems
    • Serious problems (such as conflicts between cats that require reintroduction or serious spraying problems)
Zen consultation

Zen consultation

€ 239
  • Consultation of approximately 1,5 hours
  • Visit at your house (excl. km fee) or online
  • Short analysis of the problem behavior
  • Going through the ZEN plan to optimize the environment and interaction with your cat
  • You receive all the information to get started yourself
  • 1 feedback moment by email (up to 2 weeks after the consultation)
  • Monitoring by a GREAT team
  • Decide later if you want even more follow-up
  • Suitable for:
    • Unwanted behavior that hasn't been around for long
    • Occasional problems
    • Preventive advice
cat with book behavior therapy

Expert consultation

€ 99
  • Consultation of approximately 1 hour
  • With us in the Therapy Suite or online
  • 'À la minute' advice
  • Short analysis
  • First-aid tips!
  • No preparation necessary
  • You take notes yourself
  • Suitable for:
    •     Unwanted behavior that hasn't been around for long
    •     Occasional problems
    •     Preventive advice

*** All consultations are exclusively online ***

Due to the coronavirus, all consultations take place online at the moment. We'll work with video material to visualize the home situation as well as possible. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can still help you this way!

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Upgrade Zen Consult – € 120

Do you want extra guidance and follow-up after you've already booked a consultation? In that case, this upgrade is for you! We provide our TOP team of cat behavior therapists (Joline and Riet) with an extra 4 weeks for follow-up by email. You can request this upgrade up to 3 weeks after the first consultation has taken place.

Upgrade Expert Consult Deluxe – € 120

In most cases, we can help you deal with unwanted behavior in 8 weeks. For intensive training (such as reintroductions or serious spraying problems) it can be a great help to get additional follow-up. With this upgrade you will receive another 8 weeks of email follow-up. This upgrade can be booked up to 3 weeks after the end of the previous process.



"Cats show unwanted behavior when they don't feel well, physically and/or mentally. Help us make your cat happier today with our advice."




For consultations outside of the Chat-o-Gand center, a distance fee of € 0,50 per km is charged (applicable to the entire trip from Achterdries 29 in Gentbrugge to your home).

For an Expert Consult Deluxe and a Zen Consult, we ask you to complete a questionnaire in advance. Return it to us, so we can give you customized advice.

If desired, we can give your vet with a summary of the consultation.

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