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The Resort's suites

The Chat-o-Resort is a truly unique place for cats, thanks to its exceptional environment and interior.

Each suite is decorated from the cat's point of view and environment. The functionality is based on scientific insights and behavioral therapy. In short: everything is completely tailored to create a stress-free place for your cat.

High quality interior design

Each suite in the Chat-o-Resort has a similar functionality,
with the main purpose to provide a pleasant stay for your cat.
Below you''ll find an overview of what's included in every stay.

Kattenhoofdje kattenpension suite
  • A minimum surface area of approximately 4m²
  • A height of 2.4m
  • The entire space is used optimally with the most cat-friendly design
  • Viewpoint with window to the outside (not in Disney suite)
  • Whisker-friendly food bowls
  • Water bowls with daily fresh water
Kattenhoofdje 2 suites kattenpenion
  • Clean and spacious litter box with low entry step
  • 2 x daily cleaning service
  • Climbing opportunities on different levels
  • Multiple hiding spots
  • Comfortable sleeping places with freshly washed blankets
  • Scratching facility with neutral smell (private scratchboard)
Kattenhoofdje 3 kattenpension suites
  • Soft non-slip beds (fluffy, hygienic, anti-allergenic, insulating and permeable to moisture) on furniture and in hiding places.
  • Heating or air conditioning depending on the season
  • Food enrichment for beginners
  • No physical or visual contact is possible with the other hotel guests.

Location of the suites

The Chat-o-Resort consists of 3 different areas with suites where cats can stay. Because of the location of the rooms, the owner can choose between a place in the cat hotel where it's quieter, or where there is just a little more to see and to experience.

If your cat is less sociable and prefers peace and quiet, you can certainly choose a suite in the calmest area.


Gang kattenpension Chat-o-Gand

Theme of the suites

All our suites have their own decorative interior and theme.
Every suite has its own name, based on different enchanting holiday destinations.
Allow your cat to experience a little bit of her own holiday and choose from our 16 travel themes below. Give your preference when making your reservation and we'll do everything we can to spoil your cat optimally!

Pictures of our happy hotel guests!


"Home is where your cat is"




One last thing...

Cleansing and scent

For every new guest it's important to make sure there are no strange smells.
Therefore a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the suite is very important both for the cat and for us.

Our suites are decorated with elements that can be cleaned separately.
Items such as toys or scratchboards can be taken home after the holiday.

Take a look inside

All our suites are provided with a Petcube camera. This is a webcam system that allows you to watch your cat from a distance and see for yourself how it's doing.

As long as you can connect to a WiFi network, you can check out your cat's stay from any destination, using a simple app on your smartphone.

Rely on our help

Feel free to ask about the possibilities to reserve a specific suite.
Depending on possible (un)availability, we'll do our best to take your wishes and the needs of your four-legged friend into consideration.

We'll support you with advice on the most suitable place for your cat (for example a quiet location).


Do you have more questions about the Chat-o-Resort?

kattengedragstherapeut in kattenhotel

The superdeluxe XXL therapy suite

"On the therapist's lap."

This exceptional XXL suite is a whopping 9m² in size and has the same standard facilities as the other suites, but offers a lot of extras as well.

The pets staying here can enjoy extra attention as this is also the office of our therapist Joline. These cats will therefore have plenty of opportunities to cuddle, lie down on the keyboard or sit in front of the screen, exactly as they would do at home! Or they can entertain themselves in the special Cat Wheel.

This suite is the ideal solution for larger families or kittens that need lots of attention.

The room is suitable for multiple cats (with a maximum of 4) who like each other. Unlike the other suites, the daily price of this XXL suite is fixed, regardless of the number of cats.

Even more cat happiness?

icon cat hotel ghent
Support your cat!

Support your cat during her hotel stay

Icon trimsalon for cats Chat-o-Coiffeuse
Grooming salon

Combine a hotel stay with coat care

Icon cat taxi Chat-o-Voiture
Cat taxi

No transport for your cat?
No problem!

Logo behavioral therapy for cats Chat-o-Therapie
Behavioral therapy

Make your cat happier and book a Zen-Consult

logo cat sitter at home
Catsitting at home

Does your cat prefer to stay at home? We can help!

Logo cat hotel Chat-o-Resort Gentbrugge
The Petcube

Check via webcam how your cat is doing