Take a look inside with the Petcube camera!

Submitted by Joline De Jaegher on Fri, 07/19/2019 - 11:57
petcube camera

Do you miss your cat when you're on vacation? Curious about how he/she is doing? Choose to watch your cat via the petcube camera in her suite in our cat hotel. There is even the possibility to play with a laser light (with the all-in formula)! Only you and the resort team can watch your cat. No public cameras, so it's completely safe!

How does it work?

  1. Download the Petcube app on your smartphone at the App store or Google Play.
  2. Create an account. You can do this before the start of your trip.
  3. The name of that account will be given to us during check-in.
  4. You'll then receive an invitation to access the suite where your cat is staying.
  5. You watch and play whenever you want via the app.

Playing with the laser from afar!

Depending on the accommodation package, you'll have the opportunity to play with the laser in the cat's suite from a distance. Lasers can be very entertaining but are best combined with effective playtime sessions (included in the all-in package or with the formula of the therapy suite) where the cat can physically catch its prey.


Good to know!

  • You need a strong connection to a Wifi network (video)!
  • During care sessions the Petcube can be switched off.
  • Your cat may have to get used to the new environment for a few days and may prefer to hide for a while, which is very normal and okay. Therefore, your cat may not always be visible.
  • The sound of the Petcube is switched off.
  • Some cameras are equipped with night vision, unfortunately others aren't yet.
  • Are you experiencing malfunctions? Let us know and we'll try to solve it as soon as possible! The application is managed by Petcube itself, any issues in the app will be solved by the Petcube company. We have no influence on it but we can make reports though. However, we aren't responsible for their follow-up.
  • More technical details, the following ports should be authorized on the firewall:
    • cube_ext_ip:7000-7100/udp (optionally, NAT)
Joline De Jaegher

Over de auteur

Joline studeerde af als Professionele Bachelor Dierenzorg, Post Graduate Toegepast Diergedrag en vachtvriendelijk kattentrimster. In 2010 richtte ze Chat-o-Gand op met een missie: het welzijn van katten en hun baasjes verbeteren! Op de dag van vandaag runt ze samen met haar team een bloeiende zaak waar je terecht kan voor vakantieopvang, vachtzorg, gedragsadvies en nog veel meer kattige dingen ;-)!

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Missing your cat when you're on vacation? With the petcube camera that isn't necessary! Look inside your cat's chat-o-resort suite and find out what she's up to!