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Coat care at Chat-o-Coiffeuse

A cat's coat shows how she feels, it's the barometer of her health.
In the grooming salon we help your cat through the molt or trim tangles and knotted spots.

At Chat-o-Coiffeuse we offer 100% cat-friendly and professional coat care. We help you with advice customized to your cat so you can handle the coat yourself!

Our approach

The trimming must remain as pleasant or neutral as possible.
At Chat-o-Gand we go for a cat-, coat- and skin-friendly approach!

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Cat-friendly and coat-friendly

We always work in a non-invasive way. That also means limiting stress, paying attention to the well-being of the cat and no unnecessary treatments.
That's why we only allow cats in the salon.

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Professional coat care

Onze trimsters Joline en Riet zijn eveneens opgeleid als dierverzorger, dierenartsassistente, en kattengedragstherapeute. Door hun expertise wordt jouw kat met de grootste zorg behandeld.

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Preventive and solution-oriented

The main goal of a treatment is that your cat will feel better again. We work preventively with advice and with a solution-oriented approach to problematic zones. This way, we help cats to maintain their coat.

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What is a coat treatment?


We carefully check the coat for problem areas to avoid knots and tangles.
We evaluate how we can remove them with the least amount of impact for your cat.

Combing or shaving

We always try to work with the comb whenever possible, but sometimes shaving is the best solution. If necessary, we always do it as elegant as possible. We consult the owner and always take the mood and well-being of the cat into account.
It can happen that she goes home with a somewhat short or strange haircut, but is most importantly relieved of pain and discomfort.

Ears, eyes and nails

We clean ears and eyes if necessary. We mainly cut nails as a precaution and as protection for the trimmer. This is only the tip of the nail. Only with medical necessity will we cut a little further (for example with older cats).


The duration of a treatment can be very different and varies between 20 and 60 minutes. We always keep these as short as possible for the welfare of the cat.

Our formulas

We only can conclude which formula applies when we have seen and examined your cat.
The price is determined by the amount of work, the condition of the coat and how fast a cat can be treated.
Underneath you can find the different tariffs.

Furr extreme heavy felted coat

Furr extreme

€ 99
  • Eye and ear care
  • Cutting nail tips
  • Tailored advice
  • Coat check-up (severe condition)
  • Shaving of severely felted fur
  • Combing rest of hair
Furr intensive heavy coat care

Furr intensive

€ 79
  • Eye and ear care
  • Cutting nail tips
  • Tailored advice
  • Coat check-up (worse condition)
  • Shaving of small felted knots and multiple tangles
  • Combing in case of many knots and heavy coat
Furr Basic basic treatment

Furr basic

€ 65
  • Eye and ear care
  • Cutting nail tips
  • Tailored advice
  • Coat check-up (good condition)
  • Combing of small tangles
  • Removing single felted knot
Furr advice cat, shedding

Furr advice

€ 55
  • Coat check-up
  • Tailored advice
  • Tips on excessive shedding
  • Preventive consultation
  • Ideal as an introduction to coat care
  • No treatment
Furr mini kitten

Furr mini

€ 35
  • Eye and ear care
  • Cutting nail tips
  • Improving area of neck or trousers
  • Not possible as a first introduction
  • No coat advice possible
  • Only if the cat allows everything smoothly
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Would you like more details about coat care?
Be sure to take a look at our blog!

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*** Corona-measures ***

- Normally we ask you to be present during a first treatment. Because of the corona virus, owners are unfortunately temporarily NOT allowed during a trimming session.

- Bring your cat alone and only if you are in good health yourself.

- Wear a mask when entering our facility.


Not included

Flea treatment

If fleas are detected, we treat with an 'Advantage spot-on'. There is a surcharge of € 15 for this.

Washing and drying

We only wash cats if there is no other possibility to remove dirt from the coat. Afterwards, the cats are placed under a drying lamp so they don't have noise from a hairdryer and therefore less stress. Consider the required drying time. A price surcharge of € 35 applies for this. This treatment must be requested in advance.

Evening fee

Appointments are possible on Monday and Thursday, usually in the morning. Evening arrangements are possible during the week (at 4:30 PM or 6:00 PM) upon request, but an evening fee of € 25 will be charged.


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"A cat's coat is the mirror of its health and mood, deviations always require an extra
medical check-up


What owners and their cats say about us

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Visit the salon


Chat-o-Coiffeuse is located in a quiet residential area in Ghent with free parking. The grooming salon is positioned in a corner of the Resort. It's modern and functional. Cats who like to look outside as a distraction have the opportunity to do so!
NO dogs are allowed.

What to bring

  • The vaccination booklet
  • A blanket with the smell of your cat
  • Treats or a toy that she loves
  • The material you use yourself (combs, brushes,...)
  • The cat in a safe transportation carrier

And the owner?

Your presence during the first treatment can be comforting. Limit the number of people accompanying the cat to a maximum of two to limit stress. As soon as we get to know the cat better and she's gotten used to us, it's also possible to bring your cat at the start of your appointment and pick her up again later.


Payment is only possible in cash or via the Payconiq app.
We don't have a bancontact terminal available to pay with your card.
In case of cancellation less than 48 hours in advance, the following payment conditions apply.


Appointments are possible on Monday and Thursday (usually in the morning). We are working hard to provide consultations on Saturdays in the future.

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