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The origin

Chat-o-Gand was founded in 2010 by Joline De Jaegher. It offers a complete service for cats and their owners. Starting from an in-depth knowledge of cat behavior and years of experience. The stay, treatment and contact with cats becomes a positive and stress-free experience.

Cats have only been partially domesticated over the centuries, so they have remained somewhat wild. The relationship between cat and human is one between two very different creatures who each experience and understand the world in a completely different way. Knowledge about cat behavior allows us to understand what cats need and to better understand their living environment.

Chat-o-Gand video portrait

Stefanie Heyse (student journalism) made this wonderful portrait about Joline and the origin of Chat-o-Gand.

The Chat-o-Gand team

Inspiring innovators and professional cat servants with an inexhaustible drive.

cat head

All team members have one thing in common: an unlimited passion for cats and their happiness.
In addition, they are enthusiastic to share their knowledge and inspire owners with all kinds of tips about the best way to deal with cats.
and how to make them happy.

cat expert
Knowledge and expertise

At Chat-o-Gand, your cat is in safe hands, as it's surrounded by a team of qualified animal caretakers.
Our cat servants are all trained and have a professional bachelor in animal care. Joline and Riet even have an additional Post Graduate diploma.

cat head chatogand

Playful or quiet, meowing for cuddles or a bit more cautious. Every cat is unique. We observe and adapt our approach according to the wishes and preferences of the animal. Our cat servants understand the character of your cat and respond seamlessly to her needs: from extra rest to extra playtime.

About founder Joline


Joline is trained as an animal caretaker/veterinary assistant (at Hogent) and graduated in 2010 with a Post-graduate diploma of Applied Animal Behavior (at Kaho Sint-Lieven). Since then she has worked as a cat behavioral therapist at Chat-o-Gand.

These educations formed an excellent foundation to further expand her knowledge about cats.
Learning about cats is endless and incredibly fascinating. That's why Joline went to
The Netherlands in 2018 (the Pet Knowledge Institute) to train to become a cat and coat-friendly groomer.


In addition to being the founder of Chat-o-Gand, a cat behavior therapist and a cat groomer, Joline is a founding member of the Association for Animal Behavioral Professionals (VDG), which was established in 2013. Furthermore, she's also the behavioral therapist at DreamCatchers: the unique cat-friendly adoption café in Ghent and regular cat behavior expert at veterinary practice WelloPet.


Joline has made it her mission to improve the welfare of cats, provide expert cat services, approach cat problems and provide qualitative advice to owners and enthusiasts.

Cat Servant functions

Spare time

Joline lives with her husband, two sweet daughters and a quirky black cat in Ghent!
If there's some time left, she likes to explore
nature or to play board games.

Joline Kattengedragstherapeut





"For years I've been dreaming about the ideal cat hotel, where the cat is the most important parameter. After hard work, blood, sweat, tears and experience with cat behavior, my dream came true!"      





About Wiske

Training and background

Wiske has loved nature, animals and cats in particular from an early age!

This has led to the choice to study animal care at Hogeschool Ghent.

Besides that, she contributed for six years as a volunteer in an animal shelter at the cat department.

Cat Servant functions

Spare time

Besides the professional work with cats, Wiske herself is the proud owner of 3 sweet cats and she likes to go for a run. With lots of enthusiasm Wiske goes to work to give your cat a pleasant time!


Wiske van Chatogand
Bart van Chatogand

About Bart

Training and background

Bart is trained as an industrial engineer in computer science. He is the partner of Joline as well as the technological brain of the team.

He functions as a co-manager, product developer and sometimes helps in the cat hotel.

You can mainly meet Bart in the cat hotel during technical defects of all kinds, occasionally as a Cat Servant in the Chat-o-Resort and as a spokesperson of the products in our shop and at fairs. :-)

Spare time

  • Developing projects
  • (Board) gaming
  • Reading fantasy books
vacature katten

Working at Chat-o-Gand?

Do you want to be our new co-worker?

Do you have a passion for cats, do you live in the region of Ghent and do you have a professional animal care bachelor's degree? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Fancy an internship with us?

Are you currently studying animal care, have a passion for cats and are you looking for a fun internship? Chat-o-Gand might be the right place for you. Read more for our possibilities!

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